The Big Game

Let's Watch The Big Game

The Big Game

The Big Game, hang out with your friends and catch all the action.

There’s nothing better than having a cold one and watching the a wall-to-wall action.

Schoonerville has 12 flatscreen televisions, and a HUGE projector, giving you the feeling of being at a front-row-seat to your favorite team or sporting event.

This summer, escape the ever-escalating temperatures with a cold one, indulge yourself in our home made meals, enjoy the great music and simply watch the Big Game with your friends and family at Schoonerville Sports Bar and Grill.

From the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, Boxing, Soccer, Rugby, Cricket and more, Schoonerville has you covered.

Do you have a fun event in mind? Let us know and will look to accommodate your request.

Schoonerville Sports Bar & Grill
8901 de Soto Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304