A Great Beer

Staff pouring beer, Bar and Grill, Sports Bar, Schoonerville, Canoga Park

A Great Beer

It’s a great time to drink a beer.

A Taste for Beer

Over the past few years I’ve racked up quite a taste for beer. But what makes a great beer? Brewer’s all over the world are in pursuit of creating the perfect IPA. Whether or not they have succeeded is up to you of course.

Across This Nation

All across this nation there are new breweries popping up every where, you can literally find a local brews in all 50 states. How can you rank each beer, it’s impossible. Yet, us beer lovers are always looking for that new great tasting beer.

A Great Beer

The other day I came across such a beer, at first I thought it was a bit strong, but with every taste I took, I found myself evaluating the beer. What was it, the color, the rich, malty with a slight wheat body. Tuned with a touch of zest and light bitterness. I couldn’t decide, what kept intriguing my taste buds, but I knew I had to drink more. After a few gulps, I had finally decide it… It was A GREAT BEER.

Representing 818

Who would have thought this local San Fernando Valley brewery was making great beer.  The brewery’s name is 8ONE8, the name of the beer is Valley Girl Blonde.

As it turns out, Schoonerville Sports Bar and Grill is only one of the few bars that is offering this beer. So, next time you are at Schoonerville, ask for the Valley Girl Blonde.

Give it a try, if it’s not your taste, try a different one, but I really enjoy having a few Valley Girl Blonde. Like I said at the beginning, you decide if it’s a great beer…or not.

Schoonerville Sports Bar & Grill
8901 de Soto Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304