Meet Valley Girl Blonde

Meet Valley Girl Blonde

This is an intro into the styles of beer we make, meet Valley Girl Blonde.  The who, what, when, where!  Some of you already know these styles and we look forward to your thoughts on our versions.  For those of you that have no idea in the difference between an IPA and a PORTER we welcome you into your journey and we look forward to explaining the differences thru our beers!

Valley Girl Blonde, Schoonerville, Sports Bar & Grill


Our first brew session

This beer takes us back to our first brew session ever.  An extract blonde ale kit from the home brew shop on a 5-gallon turkey fryer in a garage in Sylmar on a Saturday in June 2012.  We owe a lot to where we are based on this style of beer. Being a light ale you can’t hide anything, any off flavors will be pronounced and let you know what needs to be fixed!

We switched to all grain and brewed endless batches of this beer to dial it into the drinkable, pallet pleasing Blonde Ale that was like nothing else on the market.  It’s one thing to make a good beer; it’s another thing to be able to reproduce that good beer over and over again.

We tried to duplicate batch to batch and hone in our brewing skills to go legit.  The name of the beer was an obvious pick, with the brewery named after our home area code (818) nothing would do this beer justice than to be named after the infamous VALLEY GIRL.

Our first batch

Of course in 2015 when we brewed our first batch on our new nano brewery setup our Valley Girl Blonde was the recipe tested.  She wasn’t as kind as the home brew days and it took a few brew sessions to get this beer back to our quality standards.  But it wouldn’t be a Valley Girl if it wasn’t a little high maintenance!

Representing 818

We’re honored to represent the 818 and present Valley Girl Blonde for you to enjoy pint after pint (responsibly of course)  Coming in at 5.6% alcohol this beer is drinkable year around and is also one of our “Gateway” beers …. From the beer drinker drinking the mass produced, commercial, corporate beer to the beer nerd this beer can be enjoyed for its quality ingredients and fresh flavor profile.  Cheers and Enjoy!

Schoonerville Sports Bar & Grill
8901 de Soto Ave, Canoga Park, CA 91304