Gamer Nights

Gamer Nights

Gaming Night, Schoonerville, Sports Bar and Grill, Canoga Park
time 6:00 pm

Every Friday from

July 15, 2016

Every Friday Night, roughly 30 people crowd into our bar, they are gamers of all skill levels who come together for a casual and competitive play.

The main room hums with electric sounds of an arcade and beer as they fight to prove who’s the best. While the players are competing, we have music in the background cheering them on. This is an all out battle as players compete against each other in process of elimination, one by one they move up the rankings, while others are defeated.

Dude, I love playing games, and I look forward to Friday nights, cause I can play with my friends and have a beer at the same time –  David, M.

I just want to come here play, and to have fun! Peter, H.

While some people are playing, others are catching the big games on the screen. Games and sports fans pack up the place every Friday night, as everyone is looking for a place to have fun.

Schoonerville Sport Bar & Grill
8901 de Soto Ave,
Canoga Park, CA 91304